FWAG SouthWest, Somerset Rivers Authority and Bristol Water are pleased to announce the fifth auction for Somerset farmers to bid for money to carry out work on their land to reduce flood risk and pollution.

Auction live 14th to 28th March 2022

Please note: some of the measure specifications have been modified since the last NFM auction. Please ensure that you have read the new specifications here before submitting a bid.

NatureBid is a simple online tool on which you can bid for funding to deliver a selection of measures on your farm that aim to slow the flow of water and/or prevent soil and nutrients entering rivers. It will allow you to select locations on your land in which you wish to implement these measures, and allow you to bid an amount you could provide them for. The most competitive bids will receive funding from Somerset Rivers Authority and Bristol Water.

You can bid for funding these measures:

  • Grassland Subsoiling
  • Grassland Slitting
  • Maize Management
  • Buffers to Intercept Run-Off
  • Cross-Slope Hedge Planting
  • Cross-Slope Hedge Planting on Banks
  • Cross-Slope Woodland Planting
  • Restoring Cross-Slope Hedges
  • New Grassed Shallow Ditches
  • Runoff Ponds
  • Filter Fencing
  • Flow Spreaders
  • Leaky Dams
  • Watercourse Fencing
    (only in select Bristol Water target areas)

Please note: this auction does not apply to the area in red.

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